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Climate Change and Health

The effects that changing climate patterns are having on human health and well-being

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Waterford, VA, Census tract 51107610300

The number of emergency department and urgent care visits related to heat issues in Loudoun County during the period from May to September was notably high in 2022, reaching 72 cases. This represents an increase of over 30 cases compared to the 43 cases reported in 2015 (source: Virginia Department of Health Heat-Related Illness Surveillance). 

The census tract is situated within the AE zone, designated as a 100-year floodplain. Additionally, Loudoun County encompasses 7.04% of the FEMA-designated flood hazard area (source: 2018 FEMA Flood Map Service Center). 

In Loudoun County, there is 118-223 cases of lyme disease and Frederick County is the 2nd highest number of cases, has 19 in 2020 (source: 2010-2017 Virginia Department of Health Communicable Disease Dashboard). 

Waterford is situated in an area with a high wildfire likelihood, presenting a greater risk than 97% of communities in Loudoun County, exceeding the risk in 33% of counties in Virginia, and surpassing the risk in 46% of states across the U.S. (source: 2022 USGDA Forest Service, Wildfire Risk to Communities data portal). 

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