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Community Health

The overall well-being and health status of a specific community or population.

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Bronx, NY, Census tract 36005007100

The census tract has a moderately high age-adjusted rate of pedestrian injury ED visits per 100,000 residents, with 114.5 cases. This rate is about 1.26 times higher than in Bronx County (91 cases) and about 1.20 times higher than in NYC (95.1 cases) (source: 2016 NYC Environment and Health Data Portal). 


The census tract has a very high level of unhealthy food access, with 25 bodegas for every supermarket. This number is 10 higher than in the county, which has 15, and 12 higher than in NYC (source: 2016 NYC Environment and Health Data Portal). 


The Adult Physical Inactivity in the neighborhood is 32.1%, which is quite high and similar to that of Bronx County at 36.1%. They are approximately 10% higher than New York State's rate of 25.8%. (source: 2021 CDC PLACES). 


The county of Bronx has a high food insecurity rate of 18.5%, which is 1.37 times higher than the City's rate of 13.5% and 1.62 times higher than the national rate of 11.4% (source: An analysis of county and congressional district food insecurity and county food cost in the United States in 2019). 


The neighborhood and the county have a very high percentage of people commuting using public transit, walking, or cycling, at 63.7%, compared to 31.2% in New York State and just 7.2% in the US (source: U.S. Census American Community Survey). 


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