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Community Health

The overall well-being and health status of a specific community or population

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Buffalo, NY, Census Tract 36029003600

Almost half of adults residing in the census tract were estimated to meet the threshold for obesity compared with 34% in Buffalo, 31.5% in Erie County, and 31.3% in the U.S (source: 2021 CDC PLACES). 

In the neighborhood, the prevalence of adult coronary heart disease is notably elevated at 9.7%, in contrast to the rates in Buffalo (6.3%), Erie County (6.3%), and the United States (6.2%) (source: 2021 CDC PLACES).

In the Census Tract 36, there is a substantial prevalence of adult asthma, with a rate of 15.3%, surpassing both the national average of 8.9%, the rate in Erie County at 10.3%, and Buffalo at 12.4% (source: 2021 CDC PLACES). 

Adult physical inactivity was also extremely high: 45.3% in the census tract, compared with 30% in Buffalo, 25% in Erie County, and 26% in the U.S (source: 2021 CDC PLACES). 

The estimated adult diabetes rate was over twice the national average (23% compared with 13% in Buffalo, 10.5% in Erie County, and 11% in the U.S.) (source: 2021 CDC PLACES). 

The percentage of adults with high blood pressure (i.e., hypertension) was similarly high: 50% in the census tract, compared with 35% in Buffalo, 32.4% in Erie County, and 32.6% in the U.S (source: 2021 CDC PLACES). 

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