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Social Determinants of Health

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The social, economic, and environmental factors that influence an individual’s health outcomes and well-being

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Buffalo, NY, Census Tract 36029003600

The census tract has a significant percentage of residents who self-identify as non-White, with 77.1% identifying as African American and 10.3% as Asian (source: 2020 U.S. Census American Community Survey, DP-05). 

The Social Vulnerability Index (a mixture of built environment, demographic, and socioeconomic metrics) ranked the census tract as 0.866 - very close to perfect vulnerability, defined on the indiex

as 1 (source: U.S. CDC, 2018 Social Vulnerability Index).

The poverty rate in the census tract is estimated to be 33.7%, which is significantly higher than the average rates in Buffalo (28.3%) and Erie County (13.7%) (source: 2020 U.S. Census American Community Survey, S1701). 

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