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Climate Change and Health

The effects that changing climate patterns are having on human health and well-being

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Bronx, NY, Census tract 36005007100

The Truck Traffic Density, measured in million miles per square mile, in the census tract is very high at 7.6. This is significantly higher compared to the county at 5.1 and the city at 3.2 (source: 2019 NYC Environment and Health Data Portal). 


The impervious surface coverage in the census tract 36005007100 is 83.2%, which is nearly double that of some areas in NYC (source: 2021 EPA EnviroAtlas)


The Extreme Heat Vulnerability in the census tract is relatively moderate at 72.9, which is approximately 26.6% less compared to the 99.3 score of Bronx County  (source: 2022 FEMA National Risk Index). 


The tree canopy average in the census tract is only 7.0%, which is about 69.2% less than the county average of 22.7% and about 66.8% less than the NYC average of 21.1% (source: 2014 NYC Environment and Health Data Portal). 


The percentage of the census tract within a 1/4 mile walking distance to parks and green spaces is very high, about 99%(source: 2017 NYC Environment and Health Data Portal). 


The neighborhood experiences relatively moderate strong wind with a rating of 73.1, compared to the county's higher rating of 99.7 (source: 2022 FEMA National Risk Index). 


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